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The solution to generate, customize and send your mass documents safely



Publiflow® is a tool for any size company which need to generate, customize and send mass of documents, such as invoices, account statements, receipts or other recurring documents. Publiflow® was designed to connect to your ERP and other systems to extract data, control and consolidate them to use them for the final document edition.


Publiflow® was introduced on the market to provide a solution to the problems of:


  • Accuracy thanks to its ability to introduce data control rules into the generating process

  • Customization through its layout rules

  • Targeted and customized communication integration in allowing marketers to build and apply communication campaigns

  • Sending through its integrated workflow customized to meet your needs and dynamically connected with your printing providers

  • Follow-up information by treating the status both those emailed, as those printed


The strengths of Publiflow® :


  • Time and productivity saving

  • Quality gain (processed data control)

  • Documents and data presentation consistency

  • Document use as a communication lever

  • Overview on production

  • Reduce mailing costs (insertion of several documents, mailings and flyers in the same envelope)



What to remember :


Publiflow® is a generation, customization and distribution tool for recurring documents. It was designed to fit these needs:

  • layout

  • customization

  • sending


It is for any B2B and B2C company in these fields:

  • Bank (account statements, fact sheets, or other recurring documents)

  • Telecom and Energy (invoices, receipts)

  • Insurance (invoices, receipts)

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