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The solution to optimize the generation of your documents securely



Camele’on® is a tool made for any company size which needs to generate documents in a flexible and dynamic way. Designed to fit any open system, it connects to your signage systems, ERP, CRM or accounting, retrieve the necessary data and utilizes them to dynamically generate the desired document.


Camele’on® was introduced on the market to bring a solution to the daily needs of documents editions. Simple and effective, it will let you build your templates based on your data and use them to generate the desired documents to your customers.



The strengths of Camele’on® :


  • Time and productivity gain

  • Financial gain

  • Presentation of documents and data consistency

  • Quality gain (manual errors as copy/past, data entry or omissions)

  • Centralize your models and respect your company identity

  • Use and interest to maintain a customer database up-to-date



Fiduciary :


With many fiduciary and legal companies as customers, we have developed several accounting documents such as financial statements and accounts notes, ECDF, and legal documents such as the PV AGO, the management report, the PV CA, the auditor report in accordance with the market standards. Camele’on® also offers the possibility to create your own documents (engagement letters, contracts…) and customize them.



What to remember :


Camele’on® is a simple and powerful tool, usable by every users and which, thanks to its ability to search data in different databases and control them, allow you to generate documents in only 3 clicks. In addition, it allows you to create and customize your own documents. Designed to meet the needs of any fiduciary, notaries, law firms of other B2B and B2C company, Camele’on® is the solution to optimize the generation of your documents safely.



The acquisition of Camele’on software includes installation and a training of 2 hours lead by our team.

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